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Related post: Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:01:34 -0800 (PST) From: bob bob Subject: Resident Evil: Crimson part 11**************************************************************************** Disclaimer/Warning: This story is completely fictional. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal to read such materials in your country, state, province or county, then please leave. If you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, then be my guest. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between males, swearing, and graphic violence.The author retains all rights to this story. Please do not publish without authorization.Note: The following story is set in the Resident Evil universe, created by Capcom (http://www.capcom.com) (http://www.residentevil.com). Therefore, all the characters and related titles in this story are property of Capcom. The author is only borrowing characters and elements (including world), and is not making any money in doing so. No Copyright infringement is intended.Conversations in the [ ] boxes are communicated through the headsets.Conversations in the ( ) boxes bleach the 2nd movie are communicated in the character's mind/head/thoughts. ****************************************************************************Eleven. Mark knew he was definitely in for it. He sullenly sat on the edge of his comfortable bed in the empty room that he shared with Carlos; expecting the gang to call him down to commence the mental execution. Sighing, Mark looked at porn 13 yo the asian massage ohio i-90 holographic amateur gallery 45 samnpaul time projected onto the wall from his bedside table: It had only been 20 minutes since their narrow escape from the godforsaken EverWood Hotel. Yet it felt like the place was just next-door; the spine-chilling ambience from the hotel grounds still stalking its runaway prey. And at the moment, Mark was still trying his best to recover from trauma; mentally trying Ct4830 sb live to block out danish 60 s porn the flashbacks of the demonic voice, blood pool, 4real porn guy and the corpse filled freezer that seemed to play over and over in his head like as if it was some 17th century nude drawing high box-office movie. Whether the events that took place that dreadful night were supernatural or not, Mark didn't ponder long on the subject.Mark dropped his head in his hands and moaned."I smell like... shit...----dead shit..." He corrected himself. Sighing again, he got up, stretched his limbs, and moved over to the black closet to get a change of clothing. He 13 yo all nude found himself ls magazine issue 08 a pair of baggy army pants and a black long sleeved shirt. Deciding that 5 minutes in the creepy shower wouldn't hurt much, Mark silently left the room like a cat and entered the bathroom. ******************************************************************************** Dropping back onto the bed, Mark rejoiced at the feeling of no more dried blood on his skin, or the light crimson tone of his hair. And although petite blonde babe 01 he enjoyed the shower and didn't have any 'supernatural casualties', Mark still felt wasted and had a frickin' migraine. At several points it felt like as if his skull would crack in two. The thought of the gang coming up to sacrifice him didn't make him feel any better as well. Yet he blond 2 dicks knew that what he did all along was the right 15 yo upskirt thing to do; Mark 10 ridgid throat plate didn't need anyone's permission from this flat to let him go. And even if they still bombarded him with atomic missiles, Mark knew that doing nothing all day (like the other boys) is far worse then scooping information about the goodie-good pharmaceutical comp- -"Fuck..." He folded his arms and 9yo girl fucked stared at the ceiling, frustrated. They didn't retrieve anything useful from the hotel; no sample, no 18 lesbian strap on info, no shit. Yet Mark decided to ask Carlos later 5 inch liquid tight if he and Heather got anything from the levels that they stormed through... But if he didn't have anything, Mark didn't really mind; he was still getting paid a thousand bucks... (Woot wo0t!) Yawning, Mark rubbed both of his tired eyes 5x football pants before he was interrupted by two knocks on the opening door."Mark?" Came a female voice. The door slowly opened and Jill's face could be seen 6 pack abs gay poking through the gap."Can we come in?""Yes" But Mark suddenly jumped as Jill's face dropped, and she exploded with a bang."WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??? HOW DARE YOU USE THAT LANGUAGE ON ME BOY!"Mark just 12yo dvd sex sat on the edge of his bed, eyes wide open and mouth hanging in total shock."W-what did I-"-"Mark" Everything was dark, but Mark 14 pics y.o girl realized that he had his eyes closed. And when he opened them, Jill wasn't standing in front of him and screaming like a dinosaur, but was peaking through the door gap like... before..."Can we come in?" Her expression showed no sign whatsoever of what Blaster live mp3 just took place. Mark Mike 18 gay frowned, utterly confused."Um, yeah, sure..." final fantasy 8 porn Jill nodded and opened the door; L.J, Carlos, and Alice walking in after her. They all surrounded Mark and the bed. Jill apartment 6c adult movie spoke."Look, old 30 tgp we don't have much to say, so listen up... We all thank you Mark for what you were trying to do ya know, but then again... HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU JUST GO OFF LIKE THAT HUH?! ARE YOUR FRICKIN HIGH STANDARDS NOT GOOD ENOUCH FOR OURS BARBIE BOY!?!"-"Mark, are you spacing out...?" The boy jumped a little as Jill snapped mp4 porn free downloads her finger in front of his face. He didn't realize that he spaced out, as it all seemed too real and scary. He blinked a couple of times to clear his head and concluded to himself that fatigue defloration 12 cambodia is getting the best of him at the moment. When he looked up at the adults, Jill spoke."Look, we don't have much to say, so listen up"Dejavu...But then Alice spoke."Look, we don't have much to say, so listen up"Mark somewhat looked at her with a 'are you fucking retarded? I'm not deaf' kinda look."Umm... okay..."Carlos folded his arms and wore an angelic and sympathetic look."Look, we don't have much to say, so listen up." He spoke in a soft voice.Mark was about to speak when bb8 jessica nude competition L.J spoke."Pardon my French but, regardez, nous n'avons pas beaucoup ^╚ dire, ainsi ^╬coutez vers le haut... And in English: Look, we don't have much to say, so listen up."Mark sat there dumbfounded and stared at each and everyone."Are... you guys okay?"None of them replied."Uh-""We made some chicken and dirt flavored ice cream for you... we were told that it is your favorite..." Jill spoke in a girly voice."...W-what?" Mark stared at her in horror."And I have something that can make you feel better..." Gushed Alice; and she slowly began unbuttoning her pants."???"-Knock knock-Mark opened his eyes and found 2 dogs fuck eachother himself lying on his back; the room empty."Mark, can we come in?" Jill's head poked through the gap of the door... again. Mark looked at her with an uneasy visage 3 men naked and just sat there for a long moment; unsure whether it all was a dream, a stupid joke, or the possibility of him going crazy."Ummm, can I rest first...?" Jill nodded and left Mark alone in his 16 girl nude pics room. asian 14 porn The teen sat on his bed and looked at the ground for a moment."I'm fucking bleach 251 sub going crazy"******************************************************************************** When Mark opened his eyes, everything was the way it was when he closed them. 1930 s nude pics Feeling 13 yo nude thumb worse than before, the teen decided to fetch something for his now pulsing head. Ignoring the strange event that took place a little before, Mark escaped from his quiet room and slowly walked down the dark hallway 71 trans am and ended at the head of the stairs.Silence. Looking over the banister, he found that the lights were on downstairs, but no one was in the living room. He nearly tripped when he took his first step on the stair, but caught himself on the railing; a small cut appearing on his 7th street latinos left pinky. Sucking on his pinky like a baby, Mark descended the stairs and saw that the gang was in the kitchen.All of them.Except Angie. The porno sex 10-14 yo moment he laid eyes on them, they started moving towards him like an angry mob."Sit" commanded Alice, and Mark didn't hesitate. When he sat on the soft leather couch, he melted in delight and thanked god for such 19th wife ebook nice furniture.The gang 12yr xxx stood in front of cuckold creampie 3 him; the boys were in their little cluster while the adults were in theirs.Giovanni sat down next to him and spoke."Mark, do you want to marry me?"Mark arched his 16-yo nudist eyebrows and looked at the rest; they bore serious faces."Psshh, no..."Giovanni looked a little confused and stood back up."And if you wanted me to say yes, then you could have started off with a more romantic place, duh"Giovanni and the 13 yo naked xxx rest still looked at him a little oddly.(What the fuck is their problem?? He should have known I 14 in cock sucking would say no.)Carlos spoke next."Are you feeling dirrty?"Mark shot him a shocked look.(Bastard?!)"Pervert! What kind of question is that??"Mark beta hcg of 6 looked at the rest of the gang for support but saw that they were looking at him with confused looks."Would you like to go adult iphone mp4 play in the mud?" Asked Giovanni."...Umm no, I just took a shower..."(Is he frickin retarded??) ******************************************************************************** wielki mix youtube 1 Giovanni was chatting with C.Jay when he heard someone descend the stairs: -Mark. The others noticed this as well and closed their little conversations; now was not the time. Giovanni looked at Jill and saw her motion her head towards Mark; and everyone moved to him."Sit" Said Alice, and the boy sat down on the couch while the rest gathered around him. Giovanni noticed that he looked a little pale.Sitting down next to Mark, Giovanni spoke to him with a concerned tone."Mark, you know that we are gonna talk about your little run-offs."But Mark raised an eyebrow, and then frowned, as if he was pissed or something."Psshh, no..."Giovanni frowned oddly, and then kiddy 11 porn pic stood back up.(Okies... He's in a good mood...)"And if you wanted me to say yes, then under 14 girls nude you could have started off with a more romantic place, duh..."(???) Giovanni looked at the rest in the corner of his eye and saw they were also a little like 'what?'. Yet when Giovanni looked at 20-1 adults only Mark, he saw that he wasn't acting or anything.Carlos spoke next."Are you feeling alright?"Giovanni didn't expect it, but Mark's mouth hung open and his face looked utterly shocked."Pervert! What kind of question is that??"C.Jay cracked up a little but Giovanni saw Russel Mini squirts 110 vidios jab him in the 70s posters celebrity roast ribs; shutting him up. He decided to speak again; making eye contact with his ex."Do you want something to drink?""...Umm, no I just took a shower..." Mark looked at him like as if he was crazy.(??? Umm...okay...)Giovanni thought that 12546 tgp Mark was retarded or something. If this was some silly 12 yo girls porno joke, he 1860s females underwear was pulling it off great with keeping a straight face.******************************************************************************** Mark sat there on the couch with Giovanni, and looked at everyone oddly.Jill spoke."Maybe a slice of toast wouldn't hurt..."Mark thought for a moment of what a random comment that was."... okay... I like it with jam though..." He said uneasily. He saw Jill slowly nod her head somewhat in a confused manner and left 15 day asian cruises to the kitchen; glancing at the others before she left. While she was gone, no one talked to Mark.(Jeez, talking bout wastin my time) When Jill came back, she handed Mark a cup of coffee, with a small plate containing jam on the side.Mark looked at it for a moment and porn video 3gp mediafire back at her."Umm, this isn't toast..."Jill frowned and stood next to Alice, the confused face everyone wore still there. ******************************************************************************** Sitting on the leather couch with Mark, Giovanni felt uncomfortable with his 'behavior'.(Maybe he's just tired...) He silently sighed to himself. Being so close to Mark was Fake tits mp4 free something quite nostalgic. He had never been so close to him since they were together back in the days. And now, he realized that sitting next to him was something he secretly treasured... and something he wanted more of."Maybe a cup of coffee wouldn't hurt?" Giovanni refocused his attention to Mark as Jill offered him a drink."... Okay... I like it 13 yo sex movie with jam though..."Everyone stood there for a moment. No one laughed, even C.Jay.(Right...)Giovanni saw Jill nod her head uneasily and leave for the kitchen.2 minutes later, Jill returned with a cup of coffee and a plate containing some jam on it.She handed it over to Mark; who looked at her like she was retarded. "Umm, this isn't toast..."No one replied except for Jill."Oh... Look Mark, we can talk later, maybe you should get some rest until then."Giovanni saw Mark nod his head uneasily and placed the cup and plate on the coffee table as he ass hat 1sg stood up and left for the stairs.Giovanni sat on an empty couch. ******************************************************************************** Mark lied on his bed and wondered at Jill's strange offer."Oh... Look Mark, we can cook later, maybe you should get some rest until then."His porn gallerie 13 yr strange conversation with the group was totally... random.(sigh) Mark ignored it all, closed his eyes, and began to will himself to fall asleep. And a few moments later, he lazily drifted off into an unknown dream.2 hours later, Mark kept his eyes closed as he heard several whispers of the boys around him."Maybe you should touch him..."It seemed to be C.Jay"Fuck you" Mark said. But when he opened his eyes, he saw that the entire group (except for Angie again) was standing in his room.(Crap)Jill didn't hesitate to speak."Mark, we appreciate what you were trying to get for us, but then again, you should have told us that you were doing so, or at least have someone accompany you."Silence."Umm... ok""That's all we have to say"(Lol, it sounded like she just said tha-)"Really?..." He asked, surprised.Jill nodded her head in the affirmative."Are you sure...? Finito??"Again, she and the rest of the gang nodded their heads.Mark sat there for a moment.(Woot?)"What now?" Asked Russel.But before anyone could reply, they had piled out of the room.Mark sat alone in his bed. ******************************************************************************** Mark got out of free 70 naked galleries the fancy elevator and walked through the apartment lobby. He couldn't believe that none of the members porn hub 24 in his flat killed him or clothes for 7 doll whatsoever. Yet alone ground him or something; at the moment, he was heading to Club Undying for his 'little' reward. As he passed he saw Jake at the reception. And the moment they made eye contact, Mark wished that he PORNO 6UBE SEX HORSE were never born. He tried so hard not to blush; girls with 45d tits yet Jake was also terribly blushing."Good evening, sir" He said to Mark in a shaky voice and he managed a narrow smile."Umm, yeah, hi"Mark 16 in park pussy didn't want to hang 1910s film erotic around long so he bid farewell and stepped out into downtown L.A. And as under 12 girls fuck usual, the bp lubricants pd-2 strange and dark shade of black covered the cool skies; the gothic skyscrapers loomed over Mark as he walked down the road towards the club. And on the way, he had several hookers ask him if he was lonely.********************************************************************************Boom Boom Boom. Mark's heart thumped as he entered the church that was Club Undying as the dark-electro music kept on illegal 14 yo naked pulsing through his head. People with outrageous, naughty, and stunning costumes danced on the booming dance floor that span across the church floors. At the bar, several people sat on velvet stools and drunk their troubles away; confessing their dark secrets to the bar tender as they recited their life stories. In the table booths, people sitting alone tapped with their hands on the table to the beat. While couples in other booths were all over each other; kissing, flirting, hot 12 yr pussy confessing, whispering, licking, gazing, swearing, and eating. Up in the VIP area, the infamous Velvet Fox could not be seen as Mark scanned into each of the dim lit booths."Well hello hello" Came a whisper into Mark's ears as someone's hands grabbed his waist from the back and pulled Mark into the person's front; still whispering into his ears.Mark mpeg4 porn psp stood still as the hands roamed his body with a slow pace."You look lost, want me to guide you?" Came the sultry whisper. But before Mark could reply, the person took Mark's left hand and pulled him down back onto the first floor. naked 11yo As Mark was pulled, he took the time to figure out his surpriser; originally thinking of the Velvet Fox. But to his surprise:Rodriguez.Mark followed the Adonis down and onto the dance floor where Rodriguez pulled Mark to his face with a swift, yet gentle, movement."Do you like to dance" He asked, his mesmerizing eyes never leaving Mark's face."Uh, I-""Good" And with that, a new song started pounding frantically as Rodriguez gave Mark a quick wink and shoved him onto the dance floor. Mark was quickly lost in the crowd of dancers as the 'boom boom boom' drove the dancers to dance till sunrise. People kept on dancing, and Mark couldn't find a way out.(Great, that's just- Ow!)Someone accidentally stepped on Mark's right foot.(I'm going to kill Rodr-) But Mark's thoughts were interrupted as he felt a pair of hands grabbed his hips and felt 13 ten porno someone grinding him to the 14yo galleries beat. Mark tried getting the hands off of him, but they wouldn't budge. When he looked back, he saw Rodriguez grin."Shhh, just go with the flow" He said, and Mark gave up after a short moment; losing himself in the wonderful dark music.It wasn't long until Mark danced like there was no tomorrow with Rodriguez. ******************************************************************************** Mark sat in a booth in the VIP floor; Rodriguez next to him. He had received a call from 3g xxx the Velvet Fox to wait here for her. No conversation sparked between Mark and Rodriguez as the beat from downstairs could be heard. Dancing with him was fun. As a matter of fact, Mark enjoyed dancing with him. 16 age girl porno From 12chan girls normal dancing, 1910 nurses to line dancing, and to a little bit of naughty and dirty dancing; it brazilian bootys 2 was all good. Yet Mark kept a straight face, knowing that Rodriguez would want to hear that he had a good time on the floor. And every now and then, Mark would see Rodriguez grinning at him, signaling him to give it up; but Mark held his stand. 5 minutes later and a lemon shandy, the Velvet Fox sat down opposite of Mark and Rodriguez in the comfy booth."Here"Selene placed a 15y porn small briefcase onto the table and gestured Mark to get it."What is-""Your money"Mark nodded.And when Mark porno 2e was about to speak; the seductive lady interfered him."Its $2000""I- 2000?, I thought I was supposed to get 1k""Yes, but Heather and... Ah yes, Carlos, found some info on Umbrella 14 old girl naked in the floors siemens gigaset sl565 that they searched."(Oh, I forgot to ask him about that)"Really? Like what?""Where they actually stored a sample of the virus""Oh""And that's where you're heading to, my kids mp3 player dear"Mark sat there for a moment before he got what she was saying."But""Not to worry, your crew know all about it and they will accompany you""...Okay... is there a need for all of them? Is the place guarded?""Well, as far as we know, the place, which is located in a warehouse in Santa Monica, may have the U.S.F keeping watch."Silence."Umm... what's that"Rodriguez spoke next."The U.S.F, are the Umbrella Special Forces, a private group owned by Umbrella and White Umbrella. The small group is specially trained under Umbrella supervision, and is made to carry out missions."Mark nodded."When do we leave?""Tomorrow, I have given location details to one of your crew members, and you will drive there and carry out the mission. Rodriguez will accompany you"Mark raised his eyebrow and looked over at 70 old fuck Rodriguez to smiled over at him.(Great...)Mark asianladyboy88 thought that he was going to melt from his megawatt smile; nearly giving away his little grin.******************************************************************************** Mark sat in one of the chairs around the dining table; the huge window and view right behind him. Infront of him, 3g women orgasm sat Rodriguez, L.J, Carlos, and 16 old nude porn Alice. While on his side resided Russel, Giovanni, C.Jay, 13-17 gay boys forums and Jill. A call five minutes earlier came saying that Heather would be a little petite blonde 07 late. Mark's heart thumped in total excitement. They were about to receive a debriefing on the assault on precinct 18 mission. He c4 tran v6 suddenly felt so professional; like a real spy this time.(Don't enjoy yourself too much there boy) He thought to himself."Jeez C.Jay, stop tapping your foot, are you that nervous?" Asked Russel."(Chuckle) Yeah, you might wanna calm down or your gonna piss yourself" Came Giovanni. And a few smiles flew from around the table as C.Jay flicked Giovanni off."Alright folks, we've been split up into teams. And don't cry if your amerie blow mp3 not with your favorite buddy; these teams have been decided so according to everyone's experience."Jill read from a piece of paper:"Team A: Rodriguez, Mark, Russel, L.J.Team B: Carlos, Giovanni, Me (Jill).Team porn 02 C: Alice, C.Jay, Heather."Mark sighed 15 yo fisting pics to himself as whispers grew across the table concerning the team placements."Alright, now for the plan. Listen up." And with that, Jill spoke the first part of their strategy."We leave in 20"****************************************************************************So what ya think? Drop me any comments or criticism at re_crimsonyahoo.com or visit/join my group:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Umbrella_Co/orhttp://geocities.com/re_crimsonAnd thx a lot to the ppl that have voted in 3 tube animal sex any of the polls. And once again, ty to porno 16 yo the people that have been mailing me; your comments have been really supportive and a pleasure to read.****************************************************************************
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